Antique French Enamel Sugar Canister Periwinkle Blue and White


7 1/2" / Periwinkle Blue / Enamel and Metal

Sometimes the little things like this Antique French Enamel Sugar canister make all the difference in decor.  The color of the enamel glaze on this canister is a beautiful periwinkle blue.

This piece is over 100 years old and we see minimal condition issues for a piece of this age. Some loss of enamel that you would expect to see in spots but no dings or dents minimal surface rust which is luckily hidden at the lid and lip of lid and no rot. It displays beautifully.

The bottom markings through me for a minute until I brushed up on my geography. I knew Sucre was sugar in French but I could not figure out why the bottom was marked S' Servais Belgique with is St. Servais, Belgium in French. There are 3 languages spoke in Belgium; French, German and Dutch - makes sense bases on their location. So this is a French/Belgium piece.

The canister stands 7 1/2" tall to top of lid and 5 1/2" tall to top edge of canister without lid. It measures 4 3/4" across the base.  The word SUCRE (sugar) on canister is raised and is enamel.  As first glance we thought it was decals but it is all original enamel.

Simply lovely and someone that is doing French Decor, Country or even Industrial Farmhouse will love this piece.

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