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Antique 14k Rose Gold Victorian Leaf Wedding Band, Victorian Rose Gold Wedding Ring

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A true Victorian Era Wedding band done in 14k Rose gold with engraved leaves.  This antique wedding ring has beautiful detail and is the perfect romantic ring to symbolize your unity.

The band is crafted of highly polished rose gold. Engraved on the band are leaves. The leaves encompass the circumference of the band. They are done in rose and yellow gold. They are detailed with veining seen on the larger leaves. The ring is date stamped with the patent "Pat. Aug. 26 & Nov. 24 '79" and in addition it is engraved in fancy script by the prior owner "O.L. to J.L. Feb. 4th 1886". The ring has been safely tested and is guaranteed to be 14k gold. The ring has a 3.3 gram weight.

This ring is in Excellent estate condition. The rose gold is shiny and bright. The leaf engravings are deep and have good color. Due to the pattern on this ring sizing will be difficult. Sizing a ring with a pattern is always more challenging. Please check with your local jeweler (show them photos) to determine if sizing is possible. Our model is showing it on her pinky finger so you can get an idea of the ring size on a hand. The band is wider than most we normally see. As mentioned above it is 7mm (approximately 5/16").

This is one of the nicest and ornate Victorian Era wedding bands I have seen in a long time. A wonderful treasure in antique jewelry.

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