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19th Cent Tin Glaze Earthenware Jug with Bird and Fern Decoration Italy

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An elaborately decorated piece of 19th Century earthenware pottery. This jug has beautiful birds and ferns in yellow, blue and green.  It is from the southern region of Italy c1800.

The jug stands 11" tall, with a top measurement of 3 3/4" and base measurement of 4". We used a soft tape to measure around the widest bulbous part and it measures 25" around. There is one rim chip measuring 3/4". There are no other chips, flakes or cracks. The glaze is in exceptional condition. The colors are slate blue, green yellow and black (or possibly a very dark brown).

This is the type of piece you expect to find in a museum collection. We are listing several pieces of early tin glaze earthenware within the coming weeks.

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