1950s European Silver Men's Signet Ring Ready for Engraving Initials


9 / Silver / 835 Silver

This 1950s European Silver Signet ring is the perfect gift for some one special.  It is ready for engraving and definitely a unisex piece.  It is a size 9.

The ring is marked 835 for silver content and has been safely tested to be so. Based on the estate information we received this ring is most like Scandinavian.

The front oval of the ring measures 3/4" tall by 5/8" wide. The front is smooth and highly polished read for engraving. We only did a quick hand polishing and left some of the patina around the edge of the oval giving it depth. The ring will polish up even bright if you choose to do so. It is wonderful estate condition with no dings, dents or structural damage. You can see it on our model for size on a hand. It has a weight of 8.3 grams.

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