1940s Bakelite Mahjong Sets Mah Jong Mah Jongg 162 Tiles

$675.00 $599.00

20" / Butterscotch / Bakelite

Beautiful vintage Mahjong sets with 162 bakelite tiles and 5 bakelite trays.  This appears to be a combination of 2 sets based on the slight variation of the colors of the tiles. 

4 of the trays are a butterscotch color and 1 is green. 

The tiles are done in dots, bamboo as well as pictorials of pagodas, trees, birds and other animals I think one is a dragon. 

The bakelite is in good condition. No marring or chips. The case has a label made from the old fashion label maker which says "Diamond" not sure if that is a name of the set or something to do with prior owner. The case has some wear light peeling here and there but it is sturdy and locks shut. 

This is a gorgeous set for the collector. Visit our shop for a variety of antique and vintage Estate items and Jewelry here.