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1920s Art Deco Flapper Brooch Celluloid and Brass

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Fantastic roaring 20s Art Deco era Flapper Brooch.  This 1920s brooch is crafted of celluloid and brass and large in size.  It has a "C" catch closure.

The brooch measures 2" long by 1 1/2" wide.  You can see it for size in our models hand and next to a quarter.   The celluloid at the front shows yellowing from age which is fairly even. There is no physical damage to the brooch and the colors are vivid. It is 6 prong set in brass with a "C" catch closure. We did not over polish the brass and it is lightly oxidized (no pitting or green discoloration) normal discoloration from age. If you want to shine it up you can prob use a gentle liquid cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend - just be careful not to soak directly in water as we are uncertain if the back facing the brooch is safe from water getting into the celluloid coating. 

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