1879 Antique Victorian Skirt Lifter Fancy Engraved


2 1/4 / Brass / Brass

Brass and Silver Metal Victorian Era Skirt Lifter used to hold long Victorian Skirts off the ground.  This one has a patent date of July 8, 1879.  

t measures 2 1/4" long with the clip end measuring 3/4" wide. There is a rounded hook which would work for placement on a sash or to be held on the finger. There is fancy engraving on the front of the clip. The back of the clip is marked "Patented July 8, 1979

We note several hallmarks which we could not positively identify. They appear to be cogs and the number 8 inside another figure we can not make out. The clip end does not test positive for sterling silver, however there is silver content in it or on it so we are concluding a low purity of silver like 800 silver or at the very least silver plated. A magnet does not stick to it.

The hook is made of brass and also has different type of cog mark. We have photographed each of the marks the best we could. The are small and some are worn more than others. There is ring on the handle which when moved up and down provides tension to the clip.

This is a wonderful historical piece for the Victorian fashion collector.  Would also be a great piece for your Victorian or Antique Vanity. You can hook it to the top of a shelf or mirror and hang a scarf or other antique textile.

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