1550 Machiavelli Delle Historie and De Discorsi in One Book Italy

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8 3/4" / Brown / Calf

Two of Niccola Machiavelli's works in one leather bound early edition book.  This is great book for the rare book collector or philosophy enthusiast.

Full title Historie Di Nicolo Machiavelli Cittadino Et Secretario Fiorentino. Al Santissimo Et Beatissimo Padre Signore Nostro Clemente VII Pont. Mass.
Which translates to All the works of Nicolo Machiavelli, Florentine citizen and secretary: divided into V. parts, and again with the utmost accuracy restored to the most holy and eternal Father Clement VII. Pont. Mass.

The title page has a wood block portrait of Machiavelli and the roman numeral date of MDL (1550). No publisher is listed. The book is in Italian. Although it is listed as 1550 it most likely thought to be printed in the 1630s. Several variants using this title page during that time with the fictitious year are in existence and thought to be most likely printed in Sweden due the Papal prohibition.

This is an early collected edition of Machiavelli's works, which includes 2 books. Delle Historie and Discors. The first books starts with a 6 page intro, pages 7-9 are the forward and First book begins on page 11 and ends on page 441. There are 8 chapters in the Historie book section. The second book Discorsi begins with another wood block of Machiavelli, the same that is see on the title page. It has an intro section entitled "Tavola" ie Tables from page 3-14 and the book begins on page 1 again and ends on page 364 with the final words at the end of the page "Il Fine".

The book is hard cover leather/caff bound with embossed ornamentation on the spine which is greatly faded. There is a chip to the top of the spine. The front hinge is cracked but the binding remains tight and secure. Peeling has started on the cover near the spine but has not yet come off. Corners bumped. You can see the normal age wear to the leather. The inside pages are easily read with light tanning throughout and soiling seen mostly on the title page. There is an ex libris stamp on the title page for Rene Fauvelle on the title pages of both books. There is a penned name or inscription at the top of the title page. There are brackets and notes in the margin (very old done in a quill it appears) throughout but does not interfere with text. No odors. Book measures approximately 8 3/4" X 6 3/4".  See our photos to view the condition.

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