14k Golden Yellow Sapphire Ring Vintage


8.25 / Yellow / 14k

A striking color a natural vintage gemstone ring.  This Golden Yellow Sapphire ring is set in 14k gold and has a vivid emerald cut stone.   It is a size 8.25 and can be resized to perfection by your jeweler.

The Sapphire is golden yellow in color with hues toward amber in color and is an emerald cut stone. It measures 10mm X 8mm with an estimated gem weight of 2.80 carats. The stone has remarkable clarity. This is a natural stone that has been heat treated. Just a quick fact that more than 90% of colored natural gemstone rings on the market are heat treated or color enhanced, it is just not announced by the sellers and jewelry stores.

The setting of the ring is done in 14k yellow gold. It has been tested to be so. There are no makers marks or other marks inside the band. It is in very good estate condition. c1960s.

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