10k Art Nouveau Cameo Crescent Moon Lady with Chain Authentic Period Antique


17" / Cream / 10k Yellow Gold

This is your chance to own a gorgeous Art Nouveau period antique cameo in 10k gold with chain! This piece is over 100 years old and in Very Good estate condition.  View all photos to see the detail in the carving of the Crescent Moon Lady.

You will receive both pieces, the cameo pendant and 17" gold rope chain. We did a light hand polishing to look for any marks. There is still patina on both the cameo setting and the chain. We do not over clean any antique metals but we will provide you with a polishing cloth if you want to remove the patina. The patina is beautiful on the ornate setting. The cameo setting measures 1" X 3/4" and the carving measures 3/4" X 5/8". The angel skin coral is cream and the carving is exquisite. We see a trace of old glue peeking out of the setting. My guess is that someone did not know how to tighten the prongs and tried a quick fix. To attempt to remove now may damage the coral and it is not worth it - no one will see this. The carving on this Lady is of a high quality.

We have safely tested the setting of the cameo and chain and guarantee it is 10k gold. 

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