Florenz Kroeber has a great history in the clock making industry and this is a superb example of an early time piece. Kroeber came to the United States in 1850 from Westphalia, Germany. In 1864 he took over Owen & Clark. About 1870s he began to manufacture some of his own cases. This clock is an example of his earlier work. The original label is on the back of the clock and the works are engraved with his name and two patent dates (see photo).

Dated 1874 Florenz Kroeber No. 56 Cabinet Clock in beautiful estate condition. The walnut clock has an exceptionally carved Aesthetic Case standing 20 1/8" tall, 9 1/4" wide and 5 1/4" deep. The clock has a large brass key and is working when wound. The brass clock works and decorative pendulum are attached to the back board of the clock. The glass door is unharmed and the clock bezel is done in brass. The clock face shows chipping to the numbers but both hands are present.

We are not clock experts but know enough through years of buying estate antiques to acquire well made clocks and clocks with historical value. This clock has not been adjusted or cleaned it is as we found it in what appears to be its original condition.

You can find the clock shelf this was on in our shop in the Antiques section.