1960s Mid Century Modern Pendant Lamp in an outrageous spun green lucite.  This swag style lamp is completely original and looks fantastic lit.

The green lucite globe is exquisite in color and condition with no chips, cracks or flakes. There is a gold tone cap at the top of the globe which shows some fading from age on one side. Unless you are eye level at the top of the globe this is not going to be an issue.

The globe measures 40 1/2" around with a soft tape measure (about 12" across the front). It has a 4" opening at the bottom for you to reach in and change the light bulb. There is also a chain pull switch with wood orb at the end that peaks through the opening. This pull works to turn the lamp on and off. 

The lamp has an extremely long cord, it's original cord in coated plastic, which measures about 198" in length (16 1/2 feet). The cord is original gold coated plastic and needs a good cleaning. The cord is all good with no frays or damage. The top 84" of the cord has a gold tone metal chain strung through it. The chain has some of the gold tone left and some it is worn giving it an antiqued look. The last 5 links are severely oxidized with a light coating of rust - this can probably be removed with fine steel wool. Frankly I don't think anyone is going to notice the chain or cord, but it really depends how picky you are. We mention everything for accuracy. The chain could also very easily be replaced. 

This is a fanastic 60s interior style piece and guaranteed to be the center of attention in any room it is hung.

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