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1960s Hungarian Alarm Clock Double Bell Copper Finish Travel Size Alarm

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This little Hungarian Double Bell Alarm Clock is the perfect size for travel.  It will easily fit into your luggage and needing no power you never have to worry about your alarm not going off if your phone loses a charge or the power on your electric alarm goes out.

As mentioned this little clock is smaller than the average size bell alarm clock you are used to seeing. We put it next to a coffee mug in the last photo to give an idea. It stands 4" tall X 2 3/4" wide X 1 3/4" deep. Bezel is all good. The clock appears to made of copper and copper plated metal. The finish is very nice with a light natural patina on the bells. No rust, dings or dents. There is wear to the finish at the handle but that is the only place and it is minor.

The clock is able to be set, keeps good time and the alarm set is easy and this little guy is loud - he will definitely wake you out of a sound sleep. The face has a stunning gold baroque pattern with the Roman Numerals in black and white. It is a great decorative piece and nice little collectible clock.

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