1918 WWI Era Convex Glass Oval Frame Great for Military Photo


22" / Gold / Wood

We thought this beautiful Antique Convex Glass Frame would make an exceptional gift for someone in the military. The artwork on the convex glass is so cool.  There is a waving flag, a military looking star, crossed swords and a place for a photo. It is also dated 1918.

The frame is crafted of wood with some gesso bead work detail. It has most of it's gold finish.

The frame measures 22" L X 15 3/4" W. It has a 1" depth. The oval convex glass is all good with no chips or cracks and measures 19 3/4 L X 14" W. The frame has a paper backing that was obviously added at a later time. We did not remove the backing or try to clean the art work.

The decorated area of the artwork which has an area for your photo measures 5 1/2" L X 3 1/4" W.  If your photo is a bit larger you can trim it down if it is smaller you can put a matte underneath it. 

There a few flaws here and there which we tried to point out the best we could. For 100 years old it is incredible condition.

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