We are putting this in the small but mighty category. This Art Deco period engagement ring in Platinum is dazzling!!  Settings in Platinum are not the easiest to find but settings with Platinum and Iridium are even harder.  This is probably the strongest and most luxurious white metal pairing you can have!

The details:

Size - 8.25 (can be resized)

Main Stone - Diamond - Natural - 4mm X 4mm X 3mm = .30 carats , SI2 Clarity, J Color

Flaws - No flaws seen under 10X magnification. Under 40X magnification a flaw is seen perpendicular to one of the prongs in the shape of the feather. Can not be seen with naked eye.

Side Stones - Diamonds - Natural - 2mm X 2mm X1.5mm = .04 carats X 2 = .08 carats and 1mm X 1mm X1mm = .01 carats X 4 = .04 carats, SI2 Clarity J-K Color

Total Gemstone Carat Weight - .42 ctw

Setting Purity - 18% Iridium, 82 % Platinum (safely tested) and marked inside band.

Setting Details - 2mm Band, Mount Sits 6mm above the band, ring setting design spans 5/8" across front of band. You can definitely feel the difference in weight when comparing this to a comparable ring in 14k white gold. The platinum weighs more.

Weight (Including all Stones) - 3 grams

She is going to feel like a princess when you propose! We will get it to you fast in a presentation box with beautiful gift wrapping!

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