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1940s Victorian Revival Compact Ornate Gold Leaf Scroll Work

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A stunning vintage compact with elaborate embossing and scroll work.   This Victorian Revival piece, c1940s  measures  2 3/4" L X 2 1/4" X 1/2". It has an elegant scalloped edge on the frame. The metal work is gold plated or gold leaf and is bright and clean. There are some spots of wear from age but its overall presentation is gorgeous. See all photos for condition. The inside mirror has a beveled edge and is without any chips, cracks or flakes. The original powder puff is present and screen for your loose powder. It snaps securely shut.

We could not find a makers hallmark but our opinion is that this is most likely Italian definitely European made. The cut out scroll work is incredible with roses in each corner. The background is done in a royal blue background with streaks meant to look like lapis or hard stone. The compact has a nice weight to it.