Victorian Amethyst Glass Brooch Big Silver Plate 3 inch

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3" / Purple / Silver Plate

This exquisite antique brooch c1900-1910.  It is large and measures 3" across with a height of 2".  You can see from the side view the depth is also impressive with gorgeous raised flowers, scrolls and bead work. The center stone is a 24mm X 14mm X 7mm faceted purple splendor. The glass has hues of pink/red and could easily pass for an amethyst stone (we did verify that it is not an amethyst). It is superbly faceted. The stone is free of any chips, cracks or flakes. There is an air bubble inside the glass (can not be felt on front or back of stone and is visible with a 40X loupe) which also helps us determine that this is not a gemstone. It has an early "C" catch closure and the pin is brass. The body of the brooch is beautifully crafted of a heavy white metal and has a rich silver plating with a wonderful patina. We purposely did not over clean this piece as the patina adds so much character to the brooch. This is a wonderful treasure for the Jewelry Collector.