Boho Coin Tassel Necklace 29.5 inch Adjustable


29.5 inch / Gold Tone

This outstanding Vintage Coin Bib Necklace is simply amazing and will change the entire look of an outfit. We showed it on black and white backgrounds so you can get a an idea of what this piece can do.

It is difficult to show in the photos just how large and stunning this piece is. It measures 29.5" from end to end (from the hook clasp closure to the opposite long end of the necklace). It can be adjusted to almost ANY length. The left over length once adjusted will create a trailing chain down your nape (see 2nd to the last photo of back view). It is done in a gold/brass color wash over metal and has a great woven or chain "V" at the front which measures 4 3/4" in length from the center of the necklace and about 5 1/2" across. See the photo next the quarter for an idea of just how large this center piece is. We did not have a jewelry display bust anywhere near large enough to accommodate this piece.

The coins are embossed with Chinese symbols and there are stations of "pinwheel", raised and beaded separations, between the links. It has great movement and all the coins are tassel dangles that will move when you move! There is very light and even wear to the gold tone (no oxidation) and in our opinion it is what distinguishes this from the reproduction pieces. The piece still has luster and shine but also the look of antique vintage revival jewelry.

This fits into so many genres of fashion - it is a must have piece that everyone will be talking about!