A stunning and highly sought after Crown Trifari Fur Clip in Sterling Silver with a lucite Jelly Belly design by Alfred Philippe.  This 1940s clip has a gorgeous design and although many tried to copy it few were crafted as well as this. 

The sterling silver body has a patina on it which we did not clean only wiped down. There are rhinestones set in the legs and on the top head area. There are no loose or missing stones and the lucite jelly belly is free of any chips, cracks or scratches.

This piece measures 2" X 1 15/16". It is marked with the Crown Trifari mark on the clip, marked Sterling on one of the legs and has a patent design number is 135190 (patented in 1943). This piece is shown on page 184 of "American Costume Jewelry 1935-1950" by Brunalti and in several other reference books.

This is a gorgeous figural piece for the collector and would be superb on your vintage fur or dress coat.

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