Best Cobalt Blue and White Tin Glaze Earthenware Pottery Bowl Has Repair 18th Cent


10 3/4" / Blue / Pottery

A jaw dropping antique cobalt blue and white tin glaze earthenware bowl with an old repair.  When we say the design on this piece we did not care that it had been repaired. The center of the bowl makes a cross and the thick cobalt festoon pattern might be an eagle - we just can't tell.  Even though there is a repair, the piece still displays well and will work well with your rustic decors such as Farmhouse, French Country and Americana just to name a few.

This is part of an estate collection and the only info we have is what we are providing. Each piece was hand tagged with a line of hand-written info. This read "18th cent tin glaze earthenware plate Europe".

The bowl measures 10 3/4" across and stands 2 1/4" tall. There are some popped glaze bubbles but the main repair can be best seen at the back. It appears to be a very old repair as the adhesive is an unrecognizable color. From the front you can see dark lines but still pretty spectacular. The pattern was one of the best I've seen in a tin glaze so I was happy to find it.

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