This antique Spanish Bowl is part of an Estate earthenware collection we acquired a few years ago in New York.  This earthenware bowl has a creamy white slip with a tin glaze in blue.  The stylized flower might be a tulip.  

The bowl is large measuring 12" across and standing 3 3/4" tall.  This bowl was labeled "1840s Spanish Earthenware White Slip with Blue Tin Glaze".

The Condition is Fair.  There are two tight hairlines which can be seen in the photos. There is a chip on the back rim.  There are a few spots of glaze loss on the top rim and rubbing (light glaze wear) inside bowl.   For 180 yrs old it is really in remarkable condition.

The last photo shows all of the bowls in this shade of blue from this estate collection that we will be listing this weekend (this listing is for ONE bowl only). If someone is interested in the entire 5 bowl collection for decorating drop me a line. I will discount the entire set.

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