A rainbow of color on this hand stitched 1920s Mola Kuna textile art piece from Panama.  This framed and matted piece has all the characteristics of a quality Mola collectible.  The family we acquired from said it was framed in the 1960s when it was handed down from a prior family member. This piece was part of shirt.

This Mola is matted and framed but there is no glass.  The frame measures 21" X 17" X 7/8" deep. The textile unmatted measures 15 1/2" L X12" H.  This piece c1920 shows everything that is looked for in a museum quality Mola piece. It has age, good use of color, tiny hand stitches throughout, the main subject is entirely and evenly outlined and design is spatially appealing with each cut out carefully anticipated and measured throughout the layers.

We tried to figure out what the conjoined birds were and we can only guess. Our first reaction was to the claws or talons of the bird. They look large and purposely big so my first thought was a double or conjoined eagle but without tail feathers a tough call to make. The head plume narrows it a little to other birds but I could not get a grasp on anything other than possible a lovebirds but again not sure.

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