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Grenadino Tin Glaze Earthenware Stoneware Basin 19th Cent Rare Blue White Pattern

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19th Century Stoneware Earthenware Tin Glaze bowl from the region of Granada Spain.  This basin has a unusual pattern with large draping at the sides and pomagranate bloom at center.  This piece dates from 1800-1850.

The basin is large measuring 12" across and standing 3 1/4" tall. The blue tin glaze is vibrant and although it is considered "blue and white" pottery the earthenware color is more of a light to medium gray.  

There is chip to the stoneware at the center of bowl easily seen in the photos. There are 3 additional smaller rim chips. There are no hairlines or other chips, cracks or flakes. The basin is sturdy. 

We hope you will stop back often as, over the next few weeks we will selling the rest of this important, early collection of stoneware earthenware. There are incredible pieces from the 18th-19th centuries, including tin glazed apothecary jars, jugs, large bowls and more. 

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