Antique Folk Art Oil Painting Colorful Bird Gilt Frame


17" / Multi / Canvas

This is an incredible 19th century folk art oil painting in gilt frame with colorful birds. The early gilt wood frame which measures 17" X 13 1/4" with a width of 1 3/4". This is one of two antique oil paintings in our shop of colorful birds undoubtedly by the same artist.  We will give you the link to the accompanying painting below. 

The color is bright but as you would expect , there is wear in areas from age. The stretcher is only partially nailed to the frame (as we acquired it). The backing is a heavy piece of board that was loose on one side allowing us to photograph the original canvas for you. The oil painting measures approximately 14" X 11" and has been relined onto a newer canvas at some point in time. This relining process was common in the 19th Century. We did not clean or attempt the clean the painting. It is in its original as found condition. The subject matter is of a large colorful bird at the center with a baby bird in the trees off to the right. We used a black light and still could not find a signature which we were not surprised as some our best folk art pieces have been unsigned works. We note some cracks to canvas due to age (the main crack is to the left of the main birds beak running vertically downward).

The frames are old but I strong believe the oil paintings are even earlier than the frames. This is an incredible piece on it's own but with the accompanying bird painting in our shop the impact of the two is extremely impressive.

The accompanying colorful bird oil painting can be seen here.